Everything is Linked

Do you know what this is?

That would be several ounces of alpaca fiber I am in the process of unspinning and re-carding.

I got a pair of hand carders in this morning from a friend on Ravelry. I had to wrestle a postal worker to get them, but they’re here and I love them. I used this video on youtube and this article in Knitty to get the basics down. I’m going to dye the batts on Monday with some food coloring, and then card them together with some silk I ordered from ArtemisArtemis a while back. She is the reason I am addicted to silk, and I would so marry her for citizenship if she were only Canadian.

“Worth It?” was measured last week. It is now over 24 feet long, and just about 1/2 way completed. I have to knit 36 rows every day between now and Dec. 31 to finish on time.

My anatomy class is killing me, but I’m plugging away in the other classes and doing well. I love my papermaking class, and will probably be adding hand made journals to my etsy shop soon.

I’m saving up for a spinning wheel. I’m thinking I’ll probably get an Ashford traveler (double treadle), but I’m going to a spinning group this week to see about trying out some other wheels just to get a feel for them.