college life

Call Me Scarecrow

Has anyone seen my brain?

Things have been a teensy bit crazy lately. I’ve had a ton of homework, and with no real internet access at the house, it’s been a little hard to do anything online. I do have studio space at school now, with a great connection, so things have steadied out a little bit.

I’m actually semi-caught up this week, since we had the remnants of Hurricane Ike sweep through and knock out power to five counties. We still had power, but the school didn’t, so I got a three day vacation from school.

The other reason for my absence? Blame Alice. It’s all her fault. She’s an enabler, you hear me? A bad influence!

I started looking into Asian ball-jointed dolls a couple of years ago, but the price was a little bit of a turn off. Then, about six months ago, Alice starts looking into them. And listing all of these reasons why the price is completely reasonable. And thus, I’ve been haunting Den of Angels (think Ravelry for doll freaks), and ordered this little darling:

Her body should be arriving this week. The cool thing about BJDs is that you can customize them completely. Don’t like the body? Order a different one. Want blue eyes instead of green? Well, you can order blue ones. Some people even dye, carve, and otherwise alter their dolls, or give them tattoos. It’s really a lot of fun, and they are so beautiful.