198 countries peace project

Peace Project News

I probably should have done this sooner, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to say any of this.

Let me start off by saying thank you to everyone who has signed up, and especially everyone who has already sent their flags. You can disregard this message, please know that I am not talking to you.

Today’s date is July 23. Sign ups for the Peace Project officially close on August 1–just eight days from now. I’m posting this message because at this moment, 52 flags are still unclaimed. I’ve had a lot of people post in various threads and in the comments saying that they would love to sign up, but none of the countries that they are connected to are available, so they will bow out.

I’d like to make one thing about this project clear: The 198 Countries Peace project is about bringing the world together, regardless of background, beliefs, or geographical location. Okay, so maybe you’re from a small town in Iowa and have never been more than fifty miles from home, and the extent of your family history is six generations of farmers, all from the same county. Why not take this opportunity to learn about another country? See a bit of the world from your corner of the computer desk? I understand the desire to do a flag for a country that you feel connected to. I myself signed up for Canada for that reason. But the point of the project is to bring people and places together. Take a chance. Point randomly at the screen. Pick a nation just because you can’t pronounce it, or because you want to know why it has a little green man on it’s flag.

I probably sound like I’m complaining again, or begging, and in truth, I might (but only a little). I know that I can handle about ten flags personally, but if I have to close sign ups with 49 unclaimed countries, then I know that they will not all be finished in time.

Please, if you are interested in the project, and believe in it’s goals, sign up for a country. If you feel you won’t have time to make a flag by September 1, then please, pass on information on the project to at least one other person, and ask them to do the same. For the project to succeed, we need the help of everyone–that is the point. Dozens of knitters and crocheters and quilters all working together for a common goal in the hopes that our message will be heard.

Along that vein, because of the restrictions of time, I will no longer be accepting requests to do flags that are not on the list.

Thank you again to everyone who has volunteered so far. I’m grateful to all of you. W just need that final push to get these last flags taken care of. The first fifty flags were taken in a month; I’m sure that if we try, we can get these last fifty taken care of just as quickly.

“Peace may be a pipe dream, but I’m going to keep smoking it.” –Alice Time