Project Update

Well, my goal of blogging at least every other day isn’t going so well, is it? I guess that’s partly because of all the crap I have to do to my photos before I can upload them, but I’m also just plain lazy.

I finished the Blueberry socks a few days ago. These sat collecting dust for I don’t know how long after I got back from Italy, but I’ve been working through the WIP bin. This is the first project to get crossed off of my list.

I should have photos of my latest sewing project up soon. I just need to finish the lacing holes, and attach the skirt to the top and I’ll be finished. Shouldn’t take me too long once I actually sit down and do it.

The shrug is resting at the moment; I needed a break from stockinette. I finished with the body, and have about four inches on one side of the hood done. It’s not coming out quite right, and I think I may end up frogging it (one of the reasons it is “resting.”