May I borrow your shoe phone?

Since today was my day off, Mom and I drove into Hilliard to see a movie. We stopped first at work, so that I could spend the lovely $30 gift card that she and my dad got me. I picked up two new tops and a pair of pants for work. It’s sad that I can only afford to shop in the clearance section, even though I work there. Then we drove over to subway, scarfed some sandwiches, and met Dad to see Get Smart. My parents were fans of the original series. Apparently, I used to watch it as well, but I don’t remember this. I laughed through the entire movie–loved it. There were some great references to the original series, too, and they were things that even I could get.

One of my favorite parts was that Masi Oka (Hiro from Heroes) played one of the techies. I think he’s adorable, and that just made me grin. I also came very near to squeeing when I saw the Batman trailer, but I refrained since I was about six inches from my dad’s ear.

Just prior to viewing the movie (while we were in line for Subway, actually), some guy asked to use my cell to call AAA. I should have handed him my sandal.