Proof that Knit Happens

The shrug I started making for work is coming along slowly. It involves miles and miles of stockinette, but I’ve only got about four more inches to go before I can start the hood, and then finally, the trim. I’m going to pick up stitches for the hood, and knit it in two pieces that will be sewn together. Then I’ll pick up stitches again, all the way around the body, for eight rows of lace eyelettes. Most of the stuff I make looks complicated, but it’s usually 90% just rectangles with maybe a little bit of shaping here or there. I’m not patient enough for anything else. Who says it’s not hip to be a square? (okay. Bad puns. Shutting up now.)

I also picked up my blueberry socks again about two weeks ago, after a long hiatus. I have one more cable twist to do, followed by the ribbing at the cuff, and then they’ll finally be finished. Finally!

It’s sad that it took me so long to complete this pair of socks, but I’m already planning the next pair. They won’t get made for a while though, because I don’t have the right yarn for it, and I have a huge stack of WIP/UFOs that need attention. I think at last count I had nine, on top of my sewing projects and everything I need to do for my senior thesis show.

This, of course, is the Great Cotton Mistake. Let it be known that while you can spin with bathroom cotton (such as unwound cotton balls and cotton coil), it is not recommended. It doesn’t join well, and comes apart very easily. Plus I ended up covered in white fuzz. But hey, it kept me entertained for a half hour or so (though the nine yards of “yarn” that it produced was so not worth the effort it took to spin).

And lastly, I did a little redecorating/organizing. This is a basket quiver that I made a few years ago at 4-H camp. Since I no longer have a bow, arrows, or a place to shoot, I figured I might as well use it for something else–like storing knitting needles! Then that got me started on hanging up other camp baskets to store things like crochet hooks, tapestry needles, etc (I lined the inside of those baskets with scrap paper to keep the needles from falling out). To hang them, I crocheted a chain with the Great Cotton Mistake and tied it through the weave, then thumbtacked it to the wall (pictures forthcoming). Then that gave me an idea on how to store my plethora of french hook earings–I’ll let you know how that goes. I might have found a use for that itty bitty ball of alpaca, after all.