Here, there, everywhere.

I feel like I’m wasting space, because there really hasn’t been much going on lately. I picked up the knitting/crocheting again, and have started making slow progress. Nothing has been frogged yet–thankfully. The project that is now a shrug has been torn out so many times that I was afraid I had damaged some of the yarn, but it’s knitting up nicely and doesn’t seem to be complaining.

I started my new job, working for my favorite discount clothing retailer. I won’t specify here, just to ensure job security, but I am enjoying it. The pay isn’t too great, but I’m supposed to get a raise after I’ve been there six months, and then again after a year, and I think I’ll be there long enough to get those raises. The people have been really nice and they treat their employees well. There is no yarn involved, but I enjoy looking at what comes out of designers heads–mostly though, I make fun of it in my mind (shh, don’t tell!); some of them would be…brave choices for the average person, to say the least, and some of them wouldn’t be very flattering on anyone, not even the size zeros that most things seem intended for (for the record, our widest selection comes in sizes 8 and 10, which I think is an average size).

Anyway…For those of you who are in the Columbus Area, Alice and I will be at Knitters Connection on Thursday and Friday, checking out the Ravelry forum and the market–sadly, the classes were just too far out of our price range.

I started listening to a new podcast (well, new to me) called Stash and Burn. They have about fifty episodes up, so I’ve been listening to them starting with the first on that was on Itunes (12, I think). I needed audio stimulation that was both free and entertaining.

Since I last posted, I was introduced to a website called I’ve been catching up on my Doctor Who, and last night I introduced it to my mom, who was thrilled to see that they have Emergency! available to view. It’s been enjoyable and once I finish with the 2005 series I’m going to go back and watch it from the beginning. I’m a nerd like that, I can’t help it.

Well, that’s about it in my world. What’s going on in yours?