The Uneventful Update

Things have been pretty uneventful around the old homestead. I am finally employed–I start at a discount clothing store (which shall remain unnamed) next week.

I also have a new blog, so anyone who would like to check out my writing can head over to The Akashic Library to read some of my work. Be sure to take the Library Tour before you start. Soon it will be reverting to an invite-only basis, so if you would like to gain access, please drop me a line and I’ll add your e-mail.

We’re getting ready to go up to my grandparents for the weekend. Once we get back, I’ll take some pictures of the knitting that has been going on. Really, it’s been more writing this week, though, since I started a new schedule. I’ve punched out over 2,000 words this week, which (for me) is quite a lot.