Oh Canada Part Deux

Do you know what this image represents? Well, it’s several things: the Canadian Flag, obviously. The flag I dibbed for the Peace Project, secondly (of course, I’ll be doing the leftovers, but this was the one I really wanted to do). Mostly, though, it represents seven hours of my life. That little bit of fabric–eight inches by about nine–took me seven hours. I know this, because I watched The Ballad of Lucy Whipple, Now and Then, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights while working on it. Of course, after the first movie, I only had about an inch to show for my trouble. Forget the cake, the gauge swatch is a LIE! I spent the first two hours ripping out all of my progress and checking to make sure that yes, my gauge swatch did say four stitches to the inch, and yes, I did multiply that correctly.

I also tried a new way of knitting. Apparently, I knit strangely, and it results in twisted stitches. I assumed this was just lack of experience since I only learned to knit three years ago and most of that was being self taught. I figured that with time my rows of V’s would straighten up and stop looking like zig zags. Then at Knitting Group last week, the LYS owner informed me that if I purled into the back of my stitches rather than the front, they’d straighten out. I tried that, but it was very uncomfortable, so I started knitting into the back of my knit stitches instead with the same effect. It’s actually faster than my old method, too. Because of the angle the loops sat on my needle, I would stick the point between two stitches, then into the top one. This way I have a straight shot. Of course, I only have to worry about it when I’m doing stockinette, since my garter stitch looks fine, and that makes things a little complex, but it’s not bad. I just have to follow the direction of the loops.

And that was a lot of rambling that I’m not sure made any sense at all.

I’ve begun with my job search, and have one interview lined up. I’m really angling for a job at the public library, working as an assistant organizer for the summer youth reading program, but I’m not sure they’re going to get back with me. They’re really bad about that, I’ve noticed. This is the third time I’ve applied there over the years, and I’ve never received any kind of response because “due to the volume of applications, we are not currently accepting calls regarding the application process.”

I think that’s all I had to say. Keep knitting away and sign up for your flag if you haven’t already!