We have a photo!

Well, it only took two weeks and a lot of fiddling, but I finally got my new camera to work on my computer. Kind of. Actually, I found a memory card reader in the computer desk. I’d completely forgotten we had it. Either way, I’m confiscating it.

So, now you get pictures:

This is that other batik I was–am–so proud of. I really enjoyed working on it, The flower is based on the Italian Peace flag–hence the “Pace,” which is Italian for Peace. The quote at the bottom came from Mulan (Disney can’t sue over that, right?).

And yes, that photo was taken with the new camera. And yes, I am still looking for a free download of IPhoto, if anyone can point the way. All I’ve found so far are the updates for the program.

Hm. What else was there? My knitting content lately hasn’t been too interesting. Neither has life in general. I’m chilling out, holding down the fort while my parents are out of town. Mainly, that means keeping Smokey, the three year old black lab, entertained. He’s completely OCD about his frisbee.

Well, I’m off for another hour-long round of fetch before I head off to Alice’s.