Technology sucks (but I love it anyway)

I’ve been putting off updating until I had pictures, and also because well, I’m in the middle of nowhere and there really isn’t much to say.

First though, the pictures.

Once more, I have been thwarted by my camera. I bought a new Fuji FinePiz Z20 almost as soon as I got back. I love the camera. 10 megapixels, internal battery, great quality, even if I paid more for it than I really wanted to. The problem is that my Mac won’t recognize it. I’ve called both Fuji and Apple support. I’ve tried online. The only solution anyone has been able to offer me is to buy IPhoto or ILife–$129 for the pack, or $75 for the one program. Either way, it’s more than I can spend right now.

So. Still no pictures. I can’t even try hooking it up to the family PC because, wouldn’t you know it? Both PCs are in the shop right now–the power source for the family computer went out, and there’s a “disk read error” on mine. Not that it was current enough to use a USB 2.0 anyway.

As for the rest of it–cleaning. Unpacking. Watching marathons of Dr. Who and downloading Torchwood. If you didn’t know it already, you can now find it on ITunes. I love ITunes. Keep your eyes peeled for Doctor Who. I’ve got my fingers crossed.