No More Flashing.

I haven’t been posting much because it’s getting to be that time of the school year again–finals. They officially start this week, but the prep work can be just as bad, especially in art school.

I had my first gallery show last Wednesday, but I’ve been sick and felt like I’d been hit by a bus, so I didn’t stay long or take any pictures. In fact, my camera will not be coming home with me. It started doing this thing where as soon as I put in a new set of batteries and try to turn it on, it kills them. It literally sucks all of the energy out of a pair of AA Energizers, and refuses to turn on (I tried putting them in something else afterwards to check this. They don’t work). So I’m tossing the camera and just taking the memory card home.

The camera won’t be the only thing not making it home. I’m going to have to leave a couple of books, and I’m only bringing home a few pairs of socks (most of them have holes in them, anyway, thanks to my art history class and all the walking we do). I’m going to be leaving a few of my craft supplies too–some fabric, and a little bit of yarn and other odds and ends. And that blanket I made. I really want to take it back, but it’ll be too heavy. Alice and I are planning on picking up another suitcase (you can find them for 20 euro at various street vendors around the train station) and we’re going to stick the extra stuff in there.

On the other end of the spectrum, I bought the last of my souveneirs and gifts today. Including a pair of royal blue silk ballet slippers for 25 euro (that’s about $40 for those of you paying attention to the exchange rate). I love them, but I need it to stop raining before I can wear them. I spotted them at 100 yards and made a beeline for them. I knew I had to have them. I almost bought them in red. They’re shiny and pretty and my mom is going to kill me when (if) she finds out how much they were (we’re a Walmart family). Anyway, they are perfect and so me I couldn’t say no.

Alice and I will probably be recording a farewell Italy podcast sometime within the next week. If it isn’t up in seven days, then it will probably be uploaded while we spend twelve hours in Heathrow and have nothing else to do but buy an overpriced internet pass.

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  1. Hi, Sophie, I rember you the Knit Cafè this afternoon, From the 17 to 19,30 to Essère. The same shop of the last time. My name is Mirella, this is better than Granadiriso. See you later. Now I want to beginning to study english you can give me some lesson?


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