Pardon me while I flash you.

After buying new batteries, I managed to get the camera to turn on and take photos. The problem is that my display is broken, so I can’t control things like zoom, flash, or the timer. So rather than the really good photos I promised, you just get photos.

I’m not even going to try to find someone who can fix it. It was a $100 Walmart camera, and it would probably cost at least that much to repair. Maybe I’ll invest in something with more megapixels. Four seemed like plenty when I bought it, but lately it just hasn’t been enough. Of course, my poor photography skills don’t help, but I can’t do anything about the grainy quality of my pictures.

Anyway. The knitting.

I’m really sorry about how dark some of these are. I took a ton of pictures, but I couldn’t tell what any of them looked like until I hooked the camera up to my computer.

And I’m sorry about the flash, too. Our apartment is so dark it’s not even funny. I swear it’s like living in a cave sometimes.

I’m so glad that the blanket is done. I hate that yarn, and I’m so happy to be through with it. It served it’s purpose, however, which was simply to keep me busy.

My sock mojo ran out. I haven’t been so thrilled with my blueberry socks lately. You can see my minimal progress on the second one. I’m going to try to finish it before we leave though, that way I won’t be worried about breaking my needles on the plane. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to knitting with those toothpicks.

No, the stripes on the First Ever Socks were not intentional.

And while it was great for learning, I do not recommend acrylic yarn for hand knit socks. Particularly once it warms up, like it has here.

The Medusa shawl could use some blocking, but I don’t have a place to do it here, so I’m just going to say it’s done anyway and take care of that bit once I go home and can take over the bed in the guest room.

Turkish rib has an awful photo. Maybe I can tinker with it in photoshop. I’ll try, anyway.

So. I’m in the market for a new camera. Any suggestions? I’m looking for something between 5-6 mp, and less than $150. I’d like something small, and the easier it is to use, the better. I’m very fond of Fuji, but I didn’t care so much for my cheap camera–the quality really didn’t hold up to what I’d experience with my dad’s $500 Fuji (I wonder why?).