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Some Notes

I just wanted to leave a couple of notes:

1) The third episode of the podcast has been recorded for over a week now, but the connection at school has been bad and mypodcast.com is giving me fits, so I have no idea when it will finally be up.

2) Last night while I was crocheting, I had cold spots shooting from my elbow up to my pinky, which means it is time to take a few days off from knitting and crocheting. Carpal tunnel induced nerve damage is not good. I probably shouldn’t even be typing now, but what can I do? Everything I love requires repetitive movements. We’ll see how long this break lasts.

3) Yesterday I finished the centerpiece for the Peace Project. You can see a picture on the Flickr group. You can find that link on the 198 Countries Peace Project info page, at the bottom. I would post it here, but my internet connection is really awful and I don’t think Flickr will load long enough for me to get the web address for the group.

4)One of the reason I haven’t posted the last few days is because of what’s going on in Tibet. I said that I would try to keep my political views out of this blog, but I find that that is all I really want to talk about. Therefore, no posts. But I hope that you are all keeping track of events. Episode four of the podcast is going to be dedicated to Tibet, and a few movements that Alice and I are planning.