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Photo Overload

Okay, I’ll admit it. I forgot to take a picture of the cincher. I’ll try to get one soon. It will be so nice when I have readily available internet, and don’t have to go to the school. I can just pick up the camera, snap the picture, and plug it in.

Peace Project Update

We are up to 133 promised flags, and I know of at least one person that has completely finished theirs. Spirals on Ravelry wrote up a lovely article on the project for This Week in Ravelry (thanks Sprirals!).

Speaking of Ravelry, there is now a page in my notebook where you can see photos of the project as it comes together. Also, don’t forget about the Flickr group!

To make up for the lack of cincher pictures, I do have images of the Peace Project centerpieces, with the completed embroidery. The grease stain came off wonderfully–the dry cleaner is a miracle worker, and the nicest lady. I guess she had to try a couple of times to get it off, but I’m so glad she did!

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