Mood: Incompetant

Am I the only one who has trouble navigating the Eurail website?

All I want is a ticket for a night train from Firenze to Paris. I want to know how much it will cost for basic accommodation (as in, a place to park my butt for twelve hours so I can hopefully sleep), when the train will leave, when it will arrive in Paris, and how I can get back using another train about twenty-four hours later.

I’ve spent the last hour going back and fourth between several different pages. They all say there is an extra charge for beds, but none say how much. One says that there are reclining seats available (those would be preferred), but one says there aren’t. I downloaded a timetable and I think I’m reading it properly, but it’s hard to tell.

After the Nightmare in Edinburgh, I want to make sure that everything is sorted out properly in advance. It looks like we won’t be switching trains though, which is good.

I looked at trains to Nimes and, at the recommendation of Fucknits, Montpellier, but I can’t find a train that goes directly to either place, and I’m horrible at navigating, plus a little gun shy, so I won’t be trying to splice together a route. After looking at a map of Paris last night, we decided that we would try to hit the area of the Louvre and the Latin Quarter this time, and when we go back, we’ll get the other side of town–I really want to see Versailles, but I don’t know how long it would take to get there, or how to go about it. Public transit is kind of scary for a country girl like me–we barely had school buses, forget city buses.

*sigh* Well, I sent them an email, and hopefully I’ll hear back soon. I was looking at the calender, and I might look into a hostel for a night rather than just spending a day in France. I’ve been wanting to go for so long, it almost seems a waste to just be there for a day and only see a few things. I mean, look what happened to our “day trip” to London.