Take My Wallet. Please.

I have been a bad monkey. I spent way too much money the last few days.

A few weeks ago I posted an entry about how I was thrice thwarted in my shopping expedition. At the start of spring break I decided to try again, only to discover that all of the stores I really wanted to go in were closed, and all the others had really crappy stuff in unflattering cuts made of sheer materials, and none of it in my size.

Well, I think yesterday might have made up for that.

My first stop was the goth store, Transfers. I’d been in there a few days earlier, and was somewhat afraid of their spring line (eye searing neon animal print spandex), but they’d had some really cute corsets. I love corsets, but I kept asking, “Is it really worth this price?” and saying no. But you know what? I’m in Florence. I have my doubts about ever being able to return to Europe, and these corsets are heavy duty. They are well made, not like the ones you find at Hot Topic. And it wasn’t like I was going to be buying a whole lot else, right?

So I splurged. Sixty-eight euros for a purple lace cincher. I adore it. I’m going to wear it tomorrow, when I won’t be messing with dyes, so I’ll take a picture.

My other big purchase still makes me twitch.

After a week of sitting around the apartment with nothing to do, I decided. I am GOING to Paris, no matter what. I don’t care. I’ll make it work.

So I bought two train passes to Paris–one for Alice, one for me, both good for four days of travel over the next two months. Easter weekend, I will be on the Champs Elysees. And eating a croissant under the Eiffel Tower. And checking out the pretty French boys.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yes, I need to save my money. But I am going to make the best of this opportunity.

I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my other two days of travel. It’s good only in France and Italy. Should I spend a weekend in Chartres? Nimes? Elsewhere?

I had a dream about France last night. My old French teacher was in it (he did more harm than good). I can’t wait.

I am scintillating with excitement.

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  1. If Nimes is within reach for you, I DEFINITELY recommend going another hour west on the train to Montpellier. I lived there for three months and was back there last weekend, stayed in a hotel for about €40 a night or I know of one that’s €25 and smack in the town centre, if you don’t mind slumming it a bit!It’s a brilliant city to just walk around, loads of amazing shops and bars to browse, and the beach is a 20 minute bus ride away if you fancy a dip in the Med 🙂


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