Two Halves make a Whole

I lacked internet this weekend, so Alice and I did a little bit of exploring. I took her to the first LYS that I found–Filati Campolomi, but sadly, they were closed. This would be the fourth time I’ve been there, and the third that it was closed. Shop hours in Italy are so strange.

On the way back, I showed her where the large dollar store was, the one place we’ve managed to find muffins. On the way, we passed a shop called Skandinavia, which had candles in the window. All of a sudden Alice got really excited. It turns out that this was a yarn and candle shop that she passed the first week after getting lost, and hadn’t been able to find again since. Shortly after, they must have changed their window display, because since I’ve been going that way, there have only been candles in the display.

Well, of course we went it. And I have to give them props–their candles are both beautiful and unscented, which means that I was able to walk in without getting a headache or trying to pass out.

If you walk back to the back room, they they have yarn and fabric and needlework supplies. Not a lot, mind you, but some. Sadly, all of their yarn was wool, so we weren’t able to buy any of that. They had some knitting needles though. I showed great self control and did not purchase anything, but Alice got a pair of size 10 circulars to finish a project. We both had our eyes on a set of nickel plated circulars though, and I saw a pair of 3 mm that I wanted, so it’s a race this morning to see who gets there first to make the purchase.

The one euro stores have also started carrying knitting needles. This is the first time we’ve seen them since we got here. Even the knitting shop, while there is a display of needles in the window, does not appear to sell them. To top it off, according to one of her teachers, circular knitting needles are new to Italy, making them even harder to find.

Well, my class is over in an hour. I’ll let you know who manages to get there first.

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