Photographic Proof

This is the top that I was talking about the other day. Haven’t tried it on to mark the darts yet. No, that is not the poor photo quality (though it is a bad picture); the material really is iridescent. I picked it up for about two euro for about four or five yards at this little stand just outside our apartment. I’ve discovered that this crappy little stand has the best apparel fabric at the best prices–he beats the pants off of the Tuesday morning market, plus he’s close and open every day but Sundays.

This is the first sock of the second pair. I’ve got a few more inches to do before I can cast off. I’m thinking maybe four or five. I should be trying it on again, but I’m afraid I’m going to break those itty bitty needles. I’m so used to using size eight or nine aluminum needles that these sock needles just feel like toothpicks in my hands.

This is the scarf for my mom. I’ll probably have to go out and buy two more balls of the yarn for it, since I’m only about 1/3 done and I’ve doubled the yarn. Still, it’s working up nicely. I’m going to have to beat it a little before I give it to her, though, because it’s linen and a little bit coarse on the skin.

I was a bad girl this morning and ordered some things from Amazon, which will be waiting for me when I get back. I purchased Knitting for Peace and Knitting Goddess, and pre-ordered Tin Man. I am a dork and want to take Alan Cumming home. He really does not look forty-two years old.

I added a few things to my wishlist, too. Like some addie turbos, and a set of Denise interchangeables, as well as some spinning books that were recommended on Lime and Violet.

And just to prove that there are pretty things in Florence, here is a picture of Cascine Park when there is no market. This park is my favorite place in the entire city.