Killing Time

My second pair of socks! I still need to take a finished picture of the first pair doing the sexy shoe pose, but I’ll get around to that later.

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but there is actually a cable running down the center, with ribs on either side and all the way around the leg.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t get bored this time–they will be knee socks! I’m hoping the cables make it interesting enough.

Originally, I was going to try for a lacier sock, but for some reason I am incapable of knitting lace. I always end up with either two extra stitches, or I end up six stitches short. I don’t know why. That is the reason i stick with cheater’s lace (thread and size 15’s, or size 9’s and a lot of msc. yarn overs).

I’ve been trying to find things to do. I was bored enough when I had classes; it’s almost unbearable now that I have nothing to do and restricted hours with the internet. I need to get out and do things though, because I’ve been getting a butt cramp from sitting around knitting all day.