college life

Three Reasons to be Afraid. Very Afraid.

3)I got an email back from my parents, regarding the whole tuition situation. It was one line, and said “Don’t worry. It’s taken care of.” I know my parents don’t have that kind of money, and am slightly concerned as to just how exactly things got “taken care of.” It probably doesn’t help that every Tuesday I walk past the Anti-Mafia investigation building. I keep imagining Godfather type scenes.

2) Alice and I are searching for the lone American Bakery in Florence. We are desperate for muffins and chocolate cupcakes. Back in the states, it was commonplace for us to make a midnight Giant Eagle run for one or two dozen chocolate cupcakes (of all the 24 hour supermarkets, they have the best cupcakes), and then eat them all before the week was out. Trust me, if we can get our hands on a dozen cupcakes, we will turn the whole of Tuscany upside down.

1) It should be noted that neither Alice or I have a life outside of school right now, and there aren’t enough craft projects to keep me busy, since I can’t find supplies anywhere. So, out of sheer boredom, we have begun throwing around the idea of a podcast. We aren’t sure yet what it will be about, but several ideas have been thrown out for consideration, including fiber arts, mythology, our writing projects, and a few other things.