The Great Dissapointment.

This morning I got up early to make my way down to Cascine Park again for the market. Yesterday afternoon I was inspired by my writing class. We were talking about colors and associations, and three girls mentioned that they hate the color yellow.

I happen to like yellow. I do not happen to like uppity Bostonians (if you are reading this, then you are probably not an uppity Bostonian, just to clarify).

So, I set out bright and early to find myself two meters of bright yellow fabric and some elastic with which to make a skirt. Something swirly and kind of old fashioned–in my head, I imagined something like the skirts from the 1950’s with the tulle underneath. It would have been perfect, since the next piece I was going to bring in came from a story about a girl whose favorite color is yellow, and takes place in the 1950’s.

Alas, I was TRIPLY thwarted today. I couldn’t find a yellow fabric that wasn’t either mustard colored, or would have made me look like I was wearing my grandmother’s sofa. So I thought, I can do yarn, then. But all the yarn I found was wool, or just not something I could get excited about.

Dejected, I started back to the exit. But as I passed a booth selling leather boots, I had to pause. Sitting on the table next to a sign reading €10, was a wonderful pair of boots in MY blue-green. What a perfect way to make up for my lack of craft supplies! I tried them on. One size too big. I asked if they had another pair, just a little smaller.

“We have that size and bigger,” explained the nice woman.

And thus, I made my way back to school empty handed, but I now have the knowledge that a size 40 shoe is too big. I guess that’s something, right? Maybe I’ll try again next week.

And I probably shouldn’t be spending so much time and energy trying to irritate my classmates, anyway.

Maybe I’ll just settle for a gelato and go back to my Turkish Rib like a good little tourist.