Strange things happen at 3am

Remember that cold that I had back in Edinburgh? The one I thought I’d left behind? Well, I guess it got lonely. It started with a runny nose, then a sore throat, and then this morning around 2am my right ear decided to join the party. I don’t know why I have such bad travel karma. I get sick in Edinburgh and then high off of Dutch cold medicine, then there was the fiasco with the train, the trip to London that never really happened, arriving in Italy a day early and scrambling to find a hotel or hostel that spoke English. Not to mention all of the other random crap that has happened. This is even worse than when I was in Canada—My flight out was canceled because of the FAA computer crash, then my luggage was lost, I developed pityrisasis rosea, which completely freaked out my pregnant co worker. She refused to work with me for a couple of days, then wouldn’t go within 20 feet of me until it went away. We got two flat tires, then I had 12 hours of delays on the way back. Why do I have such bad luck when I travel? Who did I piss off and what do I have to give them to make it better?

So anyway, I was up at two am because I was both wide awake and exhausted. What do you think I did for an hour and a half to tire myself out?

This is a Turkish rib, and it will eventually be part of a tank top. For some reason, I can manage a right side row of p1, k2, and a wrong side row of p3, k1, but I kept screwing up the k2 p2 for the mistake rib/Medusa scarf. But hey, it’s called a Mistake Rib for a reason, right? I figure it adds character. The knitting part of that is finished, by the way, I just need to weave in some ends and then I can post the finished piece.

I don’t know where my brain goes when I’m sick, but it sure is amusing:

“Marienne, where did you get that yarn? You didn’t go robbing the weavers, did you?”

“No, of course not, Robin. Do you remember that hideous surcoat Guy of Gisborn was wearing when we caught him last week?”

“Yes. We sent him home naked because of it.”

“Well, I frogged it. I’m making you a sweater.”

“Oh. Okay. Just don’t do anything too fancy.”

“But I just found a stitch pattern for bows!”


“It’ll be cute, I promise!”

“What kind of bows are we talking about here?”

I totally want to go home and get my old fiberglass target tips and knit myself a sweater now. If I manage to volunteer at my old shooting camp this summer, maybe I’ll bring it along and do it then. I’m sure everyone will get a kick out of it.

I also spent a lot of time this morning thinking about what music I want to play at the show. I’m going to take some of the lyrics and embroider them on “filler” panels. The music I’ve picked out so far is “One World” and “Someday” by Celtic woman (“The Prayer” might also end up in there too), “Summer Planet no 1” by Two Mix, Kuraki Mai’s “Always Give My Love,” if I can find an MP3 of it, “Size Matters” by Natasha Beddingfield, “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas, and what I think is a great theme song for this project, “Land of Confusion” by Disturbed.

I know, it seems kind of random, until you listen to the chorus: “This is the world we live in/These are the hands we’re given/Use them and let’s start trying/To make it a place worth living in.” Isn’t that just great for crafting for peace?

If you have any more suggestions on music, drop me a line!