Fiber Love and Putting it Together

This morning I walked down to Cascine park again for the fiber market. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was more finished garments and shoes than anything else, but I did find some okay material for sewing, and I got a whole bag of blue cotton yarn. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. I’m thinking I might make a summer-y skirt, because I neglected to bring warm-weather clothes with me. It’s so hard to pack for warm weather when it’s January and sleeting out, especially when you’re going someplace you’ve never been withing 4,000 miles of.

Anyway, the prices were good, even if the selection wasn’t.

I had my batik class this afternoon. I finished up my first project, and drew the preliminary sketch onto the silk for my second–this second project is going to be the center piece for the 198 countries project. We’re up to five people now, but there’s still so many more countries that need claimed! I’m thinking of starting a ravelry group to spread the word, plus I have two more groups I could post in. Most of the threads I’ve started haven’t gotten much in the way of response, but someone must be seeing them since they’re signing up!