A Little Exploring

This weekend Alice went to Rome on a field trip. I had two days all to myself, because Cho is prone to randomly vanishing.

I walked down to Cascine park, where there will be a textiles market tomorrow morning–You know I’ll take pictures! I’m going to buy yarn for another knitting project, since I’m already over 3/4 done with the Medusa shawl. I also want to get some brightly colored material to make myself one or two tops and a skirt, since somehow all of the clothes I brought with me are either black or grey.

While I was walking, I found the US consulate. We don’t have any TV or radio here, and there’s been nothing on Yahoo about problems between Italy and the US, but there were about three dozen police outside the consulate. I was really confused and a little scared–a lot of the police around here carry big machine guns, and they were milling around, tons of police cars and at least two paddy wagons. It was kind of scary and I walked away quickly.

I also found the building where the anti-mafia investigative force is housed. It made me laugh, buy I walked away from that pretty quickly too. Do you think I’d get arrested for taking a picture of the sign?

After that I walked down to the Chocolate Festival again, and picked up a bottle of chocolate liqueur that Alice asked for, as well as a bar of dark chocolate for myself. Being out in the open along the Arno did wonders for my mental health. There were all those trees in the park, and the road along the river was so open, I could see the sky and the mountains, and some mist clinging to the ones in the distance. It was beautiful, enough to get me mostly out of my funk. I think part of my problem is that I haven’t been going out and exploring on my own. I’m going to have to spend a little more time on the group on ravelry, looking for places to visit that are off the beaten path.

And a reminder to everyone–don’t forget about the peace project! There’s a link in the sidebar now so that it’s easy to find. Thanks to those that have already signed up!