Welcome to Scotland

Edinburgh is amazing. I adore it here. I understand now why this is where so many authors have chosen to live.

This morning we went to the St. James shopping center to look around. It’s much more enjoyable when I’m not ready to pass out.

We walked quite a ways down Princes street, looking in all the little shops, then came back to the hostel for lunch and a rest.

After that we walked down the Royal Mile, High Street, to see the castel. It is amazing and imposing up close. We saw the crown jewels, and a massive cannon, and bought grab bags from the fige shop I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was so cold and we were both hungry after our light lunch.

The best part, after the jewels, was the memorial. I wasn’t able to take pictures; it just seemed disrespectful. There are pictures of most everything else on my Flickr page. The memorial looks like it’s been there a million years, but it’s post WWI at least, maybe WWII. The carvings are amazing. It is unlike any war memorial we have in the US, and I think it does the soldiers more justice than the ones we have. Some of them almost made me cry.

We made an early dinner of chips and tea–huge bowls, we easily could have split.

I tried finding the Pennell family tartar, but no luck. I guess they only had the larger families.

Also, some knitting and crocheting going on:

With my cold, I needed something a little extra to keep my ears warm. I crocheted this while sick in bed yesterday.

Of course, it clashes horribly with my Canada scarf, so I had to come up with something to tie it in. I decided that the leftover yarn would make a lovely pair of mitten/gloves.

Both of these are leftover from Alice’s scarf, of course. Eventually I’ll get a picture of that, too.

I’ve never made gloves before. I hate the idea of knitting all those little fingers. We’ll see how this goes.

And just so you know, we’re going to try to track down J.K. Rowling’s castle sometime tomorrow.