29 hours and counting….

Good morning! I haven’t slept in 29 and a half hours! How are you?

We made it to Boston without a hitch. Our plane from Columbus was the same kind I took from Washington in August (read: if there is bad weather, it is small enough to drive on the freeway. As long as there are no overpasses). We had a lot of turbulence, but none of it too bad. I think it’s just because of the size of the plane.

We had to walk over a mile to get from terminal B to terminal E once we arrived. For some reason, Boston Logan has terminals A, B, C, and E, but not D. Terminal E has floors 1, 3, and 4, but not 2. I’m tired, but I’m still awake enough to realize there is something missing there.

Alice and I are taking turns sleeping and watching the luggage. We couldn’t get food until we arrived in Boston, because nothing was open when we left Columbus as 6am. We were both starved and dehydrated, especially after that walk. I took the first shift because after my cranberry walnut muffin and yogurt, I was more awake. I’m running out of steam now, though. She has a half our before I start poking her with something sharp and pointy.

Boston is cool, even though I’ve only seen it through windows. They have strange things here that are unheard of in Columbus, like “multiple bodies of water larger than one acre” and “hills.” If not for the reflections on the glass, I would have taken pictures of these strange phenomenon to share with you all.

Even though she had to work, my mom took the demarrits for logging in late so she could meet up with us at the airport and see me off. I’m glad she did, because she brought me a pillowcase (which smells like home), and my stuffed raccoon, Charlie (there is a story behind that. Remind me to tell you sometime). Alice and I were nervous, so while waiting at the gate we pulled out our stuffed animals (she has a teddy bear named Oliver). Imagine, two 20-21 year old women, waiting for their planes at 5am, clutching teddy bears (or raccoons, depending…).

I got a soft blue cable knit turtle neck sweater from my mom for Christmas. It has officially been broken in. I love the color, the texture, and the pattern, but I HATE turtle necks with a passion, and this one kept trying to swallow my head, so while I was at Alice’s last night, watching Tin Man and celebrating the new year with a good friend from high school, I cut the collar in half. It still needs a little finishing work, because the top of the neckline was actually a cast on edge, rather than a bind off one, so I had to do a creative cast off to keep it from unraveling. It will require a little bit of sewing once we get to Edinburgh and I can get into my checked bag, but it good for now.

Oh, a lovely person from ravelry who my sleep deprived brain is to tired to remember the name of even though I just looked at it two seconds ago posted with a suggestion to fix the banner. I did try logging back in and re-copy pasting it, but even that didn’t work. I really detest HTML. But not as much as airport seating. Boston and Columbus have THE worst seating for tired passengers.

Well, it’s time for me to un-dig a sufficiently pointy pen or pencil with which to poke Alice. If this message makes no sense, then it is because, as I said, I haven’t slept in about 29 hours.