So long, Farewell

Alice will be picking me up any minute. We’ll go to her house, marathon Tin Man, and then sometime in the early hours of the morning we’ll be heading off to the air port.

I joined my first blog ring, the Knitting Bloggers. For some reason, even though I copy-pasted the code for the banner there in the corner, it didn’t come out right and I can’t seem to find a way to fix it–I can’t get back to the page I copied it from.

The longer I’m on Blogger, the less I like the way it formats things. This is probbaly because I don’t know HTML (I was finnally learning BBC code for Gaia, and now I’m getting this thrown at me).

I still have a few more last minute things to stuff in my suitase. Cross you fingers that I don’t get charged too much by the airline. I know I’m over the weight limit for the European flights; I think I might be okay for the US ones though.

Am I making any sense? It’s hard to tell. Dad came home sick two days ago, so I’ve been eating vitamin C and zinc like candy, but I’m still tired and getting a headache; The last hour or so nothing has made sense (probably another reason that code isn’t coming out right) and now I’m rambling, have you noticed?

Well, over and out. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be…not here.

1 thought on “So long, Farewell”

  1. Hey, the code is at the webring page. You’ll need to sign in with your id number (I think you should have got an email with it? And it should already be in the code you pasted in.) There is also a sign-in at the webring homepage– checked out your post on Rav that sent me here–you’re going to Italy! That is so cool! Have fun with that, I’m looking forward to updates!


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