I’m only a week behind

What happened to December? I swear it’s only the tenth. Maybe the fifteenth. But the 21st? And you say I have how many days until Christmas?

Here is that dress I was talking about. The burgundy material was my cloak for my Brigid costume. I figured there was no sense in it just laying around, since I’ll probably never need the cloak again, so I cut it up to make the dress.

And no, while it is intended to be worn jumper-style over another shirt, that is not the one I’m planning on wearing it with.

I really need to work on my photography. I’ve just been too tired to deal with all the angle adjustments and messing with the timer on the camera. It’s easier to use the full length mirror, now that I have access to one. A lot fewer photos involved, and less running back and forth, trying not to cut out the important parts.

I still have so much stuff to go through, but I’ve been procrastinating by working on typing out old stories instead. I’m trying to put things together so that some point in the hopefully not so distant future (like within the next five years) I might get myself a knitting book published. I’m going to put out an ad on Gaia, I think, asking for a few test knitters.

I’ve been so lazy. I took a break from the Slytherin scarf to make this:

It’s finished now, and ready to go off to my cousin. I’m not thrilled with it, but it’s one present down and that’s all that matters. And it’s really soft.