Crash and Burn

I’m at the parents house for the next week or so for Christmas. I can’t believe that in just over a week I’m leaving for Europe. I still have so much to do!

Progress has been slow and steady on the Slytherin scarf. It was interupted by necessary last minute Christmas knitting. I’m making a bulky scarf for my cousin who may or may not show, and I need to start a hat for my mom. The hat wasn’t intended, but hers bit the dust the other day, and the pattern is simple enough that I can make a replacement.

I also finished sewing a dress (maybe I mentioned this? I really don’t know). I’ll have pictures of everything once I get the camera batteries charged.

Oh, and I dyed my hair. Or tried. It was supposed to be blue, but for some reason the dye didn’t like my hair, so it turned green, which is really not my color, so my mom took Garnier #76 to it, but missed about half my head so now I look like festive, Christmas camo with mostly red hair and giant patches of green and brown.

So far my holiday has been rather tense, thanks to my father. On Gaia, I’ve begun refering to my parents and myself using mythological means. My account on that site is “LadyAnubis”; I’ve nicknamed my mother Hathor, after the Egyptian goddesss of hearth and home. My dad is Dionysus. I’m sure you can figure why, going on what I’ve said previously. Anyway, there were more fireworks tonight. I’m hoping we get all of this out of the way before I leave. My mom cries every time my dad’s name comes up, and while I can sort of forgive the drinking, and the being out all hours, I can’t forgive him making my mom cry. I just can’t.

*sigh* So. I’ll try to get some pictures in tonight, since the parental units have gone to bed. I need to update ravelry anyway. Hopefully I’ll get all the images up by tomorrow or Sunday.

I suddenly have much sympathy for the White Rabbit. There’s so much I need to do…I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…!