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Living Like a Gypsy, Rolling Like a Stone

It is move out day in the dorms. It’s 10am, and I’m ready to start loading the truck, but I have a few more minor details that I can’t take care of until Alice is awake.

Today makes move number seven for 2007.
1) Apartment>>Home
2) Home>>Akron for summer study
3) Akron>>Home
4) Home>>Montreal for internship
5) Montreal>>Home
6) Home>>Dorm
7) Dorm>>Home

Granted, some of those “moves” were only a day–like when I stayed at home for a night before moving into the dorm. But it still involved moving all of my belongings (at least, the important ones) between three different locations.

And it’s not over yet. There will be a day or two spent at my grandparents for Christmas. New Years Eve I’ll be taking everything that will be going with me to Florence to Alice’s place, since we have to be up at 2am in order to make it to the airport for our 6am flight.

Add in a week hopping around the UK before we even arrive in Florence….x_x Can I please stay in one place for more than three months? Please?

I mentioned that the Kimono sweater is done, right? I don’t remember. It doesn’t help that my computer is out this week. When I got it repaired last time, they gave me a faulty logic board, so they’re fixing it again now. I don’t have any of my pictures or files.

Anyway. If I forgot to say it before, the sweater is done. It fits okay, but not quite like I hoped (that sounds familiar. Maybe I did mention it).

Currently on the needles is the Slytherin scarf, which passed the halfway mark yesterday during Jr. Seminar. I might actually finish it before Christmas.

I’m also working on a dress. I’m using the fabric I originally bought for the cape/cloak thing for my Brigid costume, which is a sort of burgundy faux velvet/suede. I’ll probably wear it to the family Christmas, and also to the going-away-party that Alice’s parents are throwing for her. It’s 90% done, just needs some tweaking on the side seams and to add the straps. I did the bulk of the work in two days. I think I’m getting better at this whole sewing thing.

Well, I’m off. As they say, a rolling stone never grows moss. I should be polished smooth by the time this is all said and done.