Finally Finished!

Let it never be said that Euro Rail is not prompt. A couple of days ago I ordered tickets for our trip from Edinburgh to London. I received an email that they were delayed in delivery due to “inclement weather” (we were in the middle of an actual snow storm–or at least as much of one as we get around here. 5″ in one day), but they were still at my parents house by the next afternoon. Shocking.

So. Now we have all of our tickets. We are all set! Europe, here I come!

I also have a new sweater:

The Kimono Sweater Stats:
Times frogged: 0 (thank goddess. Angora felts like you wouldn’t believe!)
Yarn: Classic Elite Lush
This is obviously a bit more complex than my scarves, so I’m not really going to post a how-to. It’s made in eight separate pieces (2 sleeves, 2 front panels, 2 waist band panels, the back, and the neck band). It’s all stockinette, except for the black, which is garter stitch or garter/stockinette stripes. The waistband was knit along the narrow side so that it would stretch more (and also so I wouldn’t have to cast on as many stitches).

Move out is this week, and I’m rushing to get everything done. I still have so much packing to do; it really snuck up on me. The worst part is that with classes there are a bunch of things I can’t pack until the last minute. I’ve got a few days with canceled classes though, so I’ll be taking trips back to the house with the stuff I can get rid of. Thank goodness for pick up trucks.

So far, I have one goal down (finishing my sweater before Christmas break). Now I just need to finish the slytherin scarf before we leave for Europe. Mostly so I can start a scarf for me. I’m thinking either Ravenclaw or another Slytherin. I’m really not sure what house I’d get sorted in. About the only one I have no chance of getting into is Gryfindor, which is good because I don’t like their colors, anyway. At one point I wanted to double knit a tube scarf–turn it inside out to change houses! But then I realized that with the length I wanted, knitting in the round, and two layers, that would be a really, really heavy scarf.

And it rains a lot in England.

I really don’t want to be strangled by the weight of my own scarf.

So. What house do you internet peoples think I should be in? I normally get sorted into Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but I have my own ideas about what Slytherin house stand for. I think it’s creativity–I mean, if you look at the other three, you have the physical self (Gryffindor), the intellect (Ravenclaw), and emotion (hufflepuff–they’re loyal, remember?). So I see Slytherin as a fourth part of the personality: Creativity. That’s what the “cunning” part means to me. Not “I’ll kill everyone else so I can succeed.”

Okay. Enough ranting. I’m probably boring you all with my fangirl-ism.