Update when you can

So my laptop is in the shop this week. It had a little issue with the memory reader back in May, and when it started affecting the display over Thanksgiving break, I figured it was time to get it fixed–before I flew halfway around the world to a country whose language I don’t speak.

Apple has my computer for at least another week. Their screw up, not mine. It is the general assumption that when a customer arrives before business hours, fills out the necessary forms, and hands over her beloved powerbook, that the company in question has her permission to fix the damn thing, but no. Four days later, I get the call that they need my permission, and my laptop is still sitting in the back room at Easton. *grumble* It makes me want to hurt someone. Like the person responsible for the “miscommunication.”

Anyway. 😀 There has been knitting. View the evidence:

The two-tone is for my grandpa, and the solid is for my dad.


Times frogged: 1
Yarn: Unknown black acrylic, and a skane of Vanna’s Choice, which I will never use again (more on that in a sec)
Needles: These were knit from the top down. The center portion is on size 9 US DPNs, and then once I started the ribbing I switched to size 8 US circ’s.
The how to: Cast on 3 stitches over three DPNs. Join, increasing each stitch (knit in front and back). Next row, increase every stitch. Then every other, every third, etc, until there are 12 stitches between increases. Begin k2/p2 rib. Work until long enough to fold over for a double layer over the ears. Bind off. This is the second simplest hat I’ve ever made–the most simple being my basic crochet beanie.

Speaking of crochet and hats, I’m making a crochet baby hat for yet another high school friend that has been knocked up:

Oh, and I am now on Ravelry. You can find me as Sophia Rowan. I’ll post a link…somewhere. Eventually.

Oh yeah. I was going to talk about Vanna’s choice.

It looks good. It feels good. It was full of knots that put Noro to shame. One 50 gram ball. No less than six. Some were knots. Some were spots where one of the plies had broken and snagged back, creating a lovely little birds nest. I will never use it again, and I will never recommend it to anyone.