So much to do, so little time

Here we have the Canada scarf, which is what I was working on all through Thanksgiving break. I finished it this afternoon, just in time for the chilly walk from the dorm to the B&E, which might as well be across town, seeing as it is three blocks away and it is cold.

Times Frogged: 0
Yarn: some cheap acrylic (think Red Heart) that I inherited when the mother-in-law of one of my dad’s friends died (seriously, anyone need crap yarn? I got two trashbags of the stuff, and even I like it, it would qualify me for S.A.B.L.E–Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy). On the bright side, I used up almost two whole skanes on this scarf.
Needles: US 7/5mm steel straights (inhereted from my Canadian grandmother. That was actually not planned…)
The How-To: The way this all started was I had a full, but slopy, skane of red yarn that I wound up on my ball winder. It was one of those big skanes, so I had to make it into two balls. I knit up the first ball, planning to make a time-killer scarf (to later be donated to charity), when I thought, this is going to be awfully short. I should put another color in the middle. Of course, I thought white, because it was the only coordinating color I had enough of in my stash. And when you have red, white, and red, of course you need a maple leaf! I looked a pictures of the Canadian flag I had, and charted out the graphic in Excel. Most of the scarf is garter stitch, but I used stockinette for the maple leafe. The worst part was that I’d drawn the pattern right side up, but I had to knit it sideways. To keep track, I typed a p or a k over each column, to denote whether it was a knit side or purl side for the leaf. Then, as I did each row, I’d fill in the empty space on the computer with v or ^, coinciding with the direction I was working.

The scarf is 26 stitches wide, with a two stitch border on each side of the leaf. It’ about six feet long. Maybe seven-ish. I haven’t measured, but it’s about as long as a twin bed.

It has yet to be blocked, and clashes horribly with my light blue coat, but I adore it anyway (even if it is made out of red heart). Sorry, Salvation Army. You missed out on this one.

I’m planning a hat to go with it that is based on the Quebec flag. ^^


I’ve been slow in updating because my computer is in the shop. I expect it back around Wednesday of next week. With no internet to keep me busy, I’ve been doing a lot of reading, knitting, and drawing.

This is a drawing of one of my avatars from the site GaiaOnline. Nina, as I like to call her, is from the Village Hidden in the Yarn. More artwork concernig her and her adventures (including the battle of the Soul Sucking Scarf of DEWM) are forthcoming.

The drawing is a combination of Micron, Copic, and Sharpie markers on skech paper.

Currently on the needles: the back of the Kimono sweater; top down hat; scented, embroidered, and beaded kerchief;
In storage: Never ending skirt
In planning: European Union scarf, Quebec Hat, Slythern scarf, comic strips