It is official. Alice and I purchased our tickets last night. Here’s a breakdown of our itinerary and costs. We’re leaving a week early to look at schools in the UK.

Jan 1-2: Fly from Columbus to Boston to Amsterdam to Edinburgh.
Total cost: $612 per person

January 2-5: Explore Edinburgh while staying in a hostel or bed and breakfast.
Total cost: About $55 per person

January 6: Take a train to London, stay in another hostel/b&b.
Total cost: About $205 per person

January 8: Fly from London to Florence, spend the night in a hostel
Total cost: About $153 per person

January 9: Arrive at Studio Art Center International to begin spring term.

Total travel cost for a week touring England: $1,025 each

Alice and I had an awful time sleeping last night. We are both excited, but I am also terrified. I’m writing a letter to my parents this afternoon, detailing my decision, which I will mail once I get back from Thanksgiving break.

I’ve sold two items in my etsy shop so far *pokes sidebar* so I have about $67 to put towards the trip. I should be getting my student loan check in pretty soon, and I still need to get my visa, but that shouldn’t take too long and student visas are free.


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  1. Congrats and good luck on you trip to Europe! It sounds exciting.. and very expensive. XDI hope you manage to get some sleep between now and January. It’s a long time to go without.


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