Cranking Them Out

Wow. This makes…what, three FO’s this week?


Number of seams ripped out: 2 (will eventually be three)
Fabric: a wool blend from Joann’s. The flowers are a faux velvet. I’m actually allergic to wool, but if I wear a slip it shouldn’t be bad.

It’s a little lumpy in the back, mostly because I can’t pin it in place properly while wearing it, and the floor really isn’t a good model. I’ll get Alice to help me with that part. But the skirt is wearable, which is what counts; I’ll just wear a long shirt until I get it fixed.

I wanted something long and elegant, but not too bulky. I like A-Line skirts, so I took that idea and added some “swoosh” to the bottom, so that I could walk with out a slit up to my waist. I left the bottom hem raw because it’s the salvage end of the fabric, so it won’t fray, and it has these soft black fringies that look cool.

On the needles: top down hat (needs frogged), back portion of the waist band for the Kimono Sweater
In waiting: Lace for my jewelry class (don’t ask)