Vocabulary Lesson

It occured to me as I signed in that some people might not know what an “eff’d oh” is, especially if they are one of the non-crafters I handed this web address to directly. An “eff’d oh” is a way of saying FO or “Finished Object”. I kind of stole that name from the JenLa blog in the sidebar. It’s something they started saying, calling those projects where you have to rip out a million stitches and start over five or six times “eff’d oh’s” rather than an “FO”, because…well, I think you can put the pieces together.

Tonight is knitting group over at the Yarn Shop. I missed the October knit night, so I’m really going to try to leave ceramics a bit early to make it this time. It isn’t too hard; ceramics is one of those come-and-go as you please, just turn everything in on time sort of classes. All I really have left to do is the second half of my mold (today’s project), and to make some glazes (Wednesday’s project). Then I’ll just be making some additional pieces, and trying to throw porceline for my jewelry class (hopefully it’s easier when I’m using properly mixed clay rather than leftovers from the slop bin).

I have started my skirt, it’s about halfway done. I hope to be able to wear it by Thursday or Friday. I’m also working on a top-down rib brim hat for my dad. Top down works so much better for me than bottom up!