The Fall of the Frog

It’s finally finished!


Times frogged: 7
Yarn: Cheap acrylic. Bernat, I think.
Needles: One set of size 9 circular needles, and matching DPNs for finishing.
Pattern used: my own, with a little help from DIY
The how-to: This is a very simple hat, really. Cast on 65 stitches. About an inch and a half of stockinette stitch, a row of white, then, for the butterflies, you alternate between a row of knit,then one row of knit five, bring the yarn to the front as if to purl, slip five, yarn to the back, knit five…etc. Do this until there are five strands strands stacked on top of each other. On the next knit row, knit until you’re at the center of one of these blocks (each one is five sitches wide, so only go in two stitches). Use a crochet hook to go under these five strands, grabbing the top one, and pulling it down and around the others, twisting as you go. When you get back to the top, slip the loop onto your left needle, and knit the two stitches together. The next row is white, followed by 3 inches or so of stockinette before you start decreasing. If you want a better tutorial for the butterfly stitch, check out the DIY website > Knitty Gritty > the pattern for “flirty skirty.”

I can’t believe such a simple hat gave me so much trouble…XP