Another Eff’d Oh!


Times Frogged: 3
Yarn: Linie 194 in Solo for the flames, Dark Horse Fantasy #20 (that’s the red), and the black was a soft, leftover black I had laying around but lost the tag for. It’s some kind of inexpensive acrylic, but not the nasty Red Heart kind.

Needles: US 11/8mm Brittany wood straights
Pattern: My Own
The How-To: I cast on 16 stitches in the varigated, worked a few inches. The border is two stitches wide, done in seed stitch. Honestsly, I think I should have made both the scarf and the border a bit wider, because the red yarn is a bit thinner and has a tendency to curl, even though it’s been blocked.

The color changes were stranded color work, but the main body of the scarf was really simple. My biggest problems came from adjusting my gauge (the varigated yarn is much, much thicker than the red or even the black), and also working out how I wanted to do the flames. I think that between this scarf and the Butterfly hat, I am done with fancy color work for a while (but at least this time the color work came out semi-properly).

Currently on the needles: Kimono Sweater
Currently in storage: the Never Ending Skirt
Next in Line: Cap and Cowl for my dad, winter skirt (sewing)

I’ve also intermitently be working on some squares for my scrapghan, which I have been making on and off for a few years now. I almost have enough squares for a lap robe. That project has been on hold because up till now it’s been all crocheted, and I simply can’t crochet anymore because of my wrists. The new squares are being knit it garter stitch, and have come out pretty nice. I figure that if I get the sizing wrong (the blanket is at my parents’ house) I’ll just crochet a little around the edges to make them big enough. That little bit I think I can handle.

Oh, and here’s another Eff’d Oh that I’d almost forgotten about! My Pixi Skirt! I actually finished it sometime in September/early October, but oh well.

Number of seams ripped out: 0 (!!)
Fabric: The blue is a satin remnant I’ve had sitting around for ages and wanted to use, and the black is a crinkly satin-type material, no idea other than that.
Pattern: My own, of course. Are you noticing a theme?
For the closure, I used four pearl buttons and some fake leather cord, so it buttons up the way Victorian era boots would. Really cool, and it was surprisingly easy to make. I didn’t have any problems, except for some minor hiccups in sizing, which I cleared up in about five minutes with a pair of shears.