Personal Injury

I am probably not the best person to have a knit blog. A good knit blogger would get off her lazy ass more than once a month to take pictures of her projects. A good knit blogger would also probably not risk permanent nerve damage every time she picks up her needles.

But, as we have established, I am not particularly good at this. I did however, get up off my aforementioned lazy ass to take some pictures:

That would be the Butterfly and Frog hat for my grandma.

“Frogs?” you ask, “What frogs? I don’t see any frogs.” He’s a close up of the butterfly stitch. Look closely.

Still don’t see the frogs? Well, that’s because this hat has been frogged five times (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it). I am avoiding doing it again, even though it has occured to me that my decreases are not quite evenly spaced. I’m procrastinating on that project, because it is too small for me to use my circulars on now (I only have one pair of 9’s, so no magic(k)(!)(Puns make me happy!) loop for me), and while I adore my aluminum knitting needles (the cold metal actually helps my wrists if I hold them a certain way) (I should perhaps lay off on the parenthesis), metal DPNs are a pain in my lazy ass. When I first started using them, I would put point protectors at the end back end of my working needles, and on both ends of the ones I wasn’t using, just so they wouldn’t slide out. Lately though, I’m all about the circular needles. I have decided I want two of every size, because then i can magic(k) loop anything. The problem lies in that I am broke. I would love to get some of those interchangeable needles, but they are a little pricey for me, especially right now. My money is better saved for Florence.

Speaking of money and Florence, I need to go buy an envelope and a stamp so I can send off the rest of my information to SACI.

Oh, and as soon as I get off here, I’m going to post a couple of illustrations on Devart, so go check it out. The link is in the sidebar.