Can I get that in writing?

I talked to my mom a little yesterday, when I had to go home to pick up SACI paperwork. Not for the first time, I told her how I could never be happy in Ohio. Her response? “Well, as long as you keep in touch.” I could not believe my ears. She is going to regret those words, I swear…

I got a new suitcase too; it’s big enough that I could pack myself inside and get shipped to Florence if I wanted to, but I think even coach on another Embrarer 147 is better than that. I know exactly how big that plane is, because I flew on one identical to it on my way back from Montreal. The steps were in the door, and it was so small that the four stocky guys in “1st class” were asked to move for better weight distribution before take off. The only reason I didn’t have a nervous break down was because I had been trying to get home unsuccessfully for the last 16 hours and was completely exhausted.

Well, at least I only have to fly on it from Cols to NYC. From there I’m on a fancy German airline I can neither spell nor pronounce, but have been assured will take good care of me and will hopefully put up with my very teary mental break down if my toy airplane arrives in NYC late and I miss my flight to Florence (I don’t travel well, especially alone. I love it, but for the first week I am a clumsy ball of nerves that cannot handle anything that is not absolutely necessary).

But, the nice lady at the travel agency has assured me that even if my flight is late, that they will take care of me and make sure I get to Italy in a timely manner.

Just out of curiosity, if you are flying from the US to Italy, and happen to be 20 years of age, are they going to use the US drinking age or the Italian one? Because while I love to fly and am all about the window seat, flying over mass expanses of water really freaks me out. Alcohol would be most welcome.

And really, the middle of the Atlantic is international airspace, so would there even be a drinking age when you are in the middle of nowhere? Even more so than in Ohio?

I’m just saying. It makes me wonder.

Oh! My Etsy Shop *points to sidebar* has a new item. So go look. Now. Please, purchase something so I can pay for this hideously expensive school trip!