The Big Bust

Alice and I arrived at the club at nine last night, just as things were about to get started. We gawked at the costumes for a while (“Mr. Doughnut boy really needs to put on pants.” “What the hell is that supposed to be?” “Check out Patrick! He’s a skunk!” “Is that a fortune teller machine?”).

Then the music started, and it all went to hell.

For starters, the music was a techno/rap/hip hop hybrid that Alice and I can’t stand. Second, it was so loud it distorted, and to top it off, even shouting in each other’s ears we couldn’t hear a damn thing.

No one we knew showed up. I recognized a few faces, but no one I really talked to. 90% of the people there were Freshmen in crappy costumes and bad wigs. Only freshmen go as anime/game characters, and most of them do it badly. It’s cosplay hell.

They started handing out numbers for the costume contest. Because there are so many people who want to enter, they’ve started this thing where the four judges each pick ten people. Alice and I knew a couple of the judges (RAs) and knew we didn’t have a chance. When they started playing a particularly irritating rap song, we decided to split and resurrect the Midnight Cupcake Run.

We always enjoy going into Giant Eagle at odd hours of the night, stocking up on cupcakes, Dove/Ben and Jerry’s/Graters ice cream pints, and, when in season, pumpkin cookies. It’s even more fun when dressed as pagan goddesses (Brigid and Hecate respectively).

Of course, we were not the only ones who went to the party as goddesses. But we were the only ones with hand-made, culturally/historically accurate costumes, rather than Hollywood knock-offs. The general consensus was that Athena and Aphrodite could kiss our asses, because their costumes sucked.

The best part of the evening (other than the junk food and wandering around Columbus in costume)? Even though it was a craptacular dance, it did give me story fodder. As soon as we got back, I wrote out a scene for one of my stories.